Fence Staining FAQ

Welcome to Wash Broz, where we’re dedicated to helping you maintain the beauty and integrity of your home. Today, we’re talking fences – a vital part of your property’s aesthetics and security. But what happens when your fence starts to show signs of wear and tear? Let’s delve into the common pain points and how our professional DFW fence staining services can provide the solution you need.

  1. Over time, fences can lose their luster and appeal, with the stain wearing off and the wood turning gray.
  2. Neglecting fence maintenance can lead to decay, potentially requiring costly replacements.
  3. Fence replacements in Texas can range from $6700 to $15,000, depending on the size, placing a significant financial burden on homeowners.
  4. Pressure washing is essential before staining to remove dirt, mold, and old stain, but improper technique can damage the wood.


At Wash Broz, we understand the concerns that come with maintaining your fence. The thought of costly replacements or the hassle of DIY staining can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to offer a solution that not only enhances the look of your fence but also extends its lifespan. With our professional DFW fence staining services, we take the stress out of maintenance, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for homeowners.


  1. We offer two types of stains: semi-transparent for a natural look and solid stains for longevity and coverage.
  2. Our preferred method of staining is using a sprayer for efficiency, ensuring a smooth and even application.
  3. We take care to protect surrounding surfaces during the staining process, minimizing any potential mess.
  4. Improve the quality, appearance, and longevity of your fence.


Ready to transform your fence and enhance your property’s curb appeal? Don’t let maintenance woes hold you back. Contact Wash Broz today for a free quote and let our experts handle the rest. Schedule your appointment now by giving us a call.


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