Making Your House
Our Story

2 Brothers Helping Others - "Working hard to save and are willing to do whatever it takes to continue their education"

When brothers Roberto and Marcelo González Found out that their mother lost her job at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and that their father would work reduced hours, they put their heads together and founded Wash Broz.

Our Working Experts

We have bought our family into Wash Broz and we´re so proud to say that we are a minority family-owned business.

Mrs. Wash

Lettycia Gutierrez, 49 years old

“The Mom”

Mr. Wash

Roberto Gonzalez, 53 years old

“The Dad”

Wash Brother #1

Roberto Gonzalez, 21

The Founder

Wash Bro #2

Marcelo Gonzalez, 20 years old

The co-founder

Wash Bro #3

Fernando González, 16 years old


Wash Bro #4

Carlos Gonzalez, 14 years old


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